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Lou Spencer:

lou spencer

Lou Spencer is a Norfolk based singer songwriter. Here at the very first AWMTV episode he performs his original track 'On The Mend'.

Curtis Cronin:

curtis cronin

Curtis is an acoustic artist from Brandon, Suffolk. Following his performance at AWMTV he and Alton have gone on to record collaborations and work closely with each other at live gigs on several occasions. Curtis has recently released a debut EP available on Spotify now!

Charlotte Sometimes:

Charlotte sometimes

Charlotte Sometimes absolutely blew away regular listeners to AWMTV with this incredible performance of her original track 'Demons'.

James Nunn:

James nunn

James Nunn is a singer/songwriter based in Ipswich, Suffolk. One of the most genuine guys and absolute grafters in the business, it was an absolute pleasure to have him visit the AWMTV studios. 

Joe Bailey:

Joe bailey

The super-talented Joe Bailey has become a regular performer on AWMTV. Here you'll see his debut performance at the AWMTV Christmas Special!

Dale Bennett:

Dale Bennett

Dale Bennet took some time away from his band 'The Incidentals' for a solo performance on this AWMTV episode. Following this, Alton and Dale co-wrote and recorded their track 'Love You From Afar' which features on Dales debut album as well as Altons 'Streets to Stages' EP.



Cambridge based singer-songwriter 'Samuel' was the first artist to go electric on AWMTV. This stunning performance shows off his raw talent and songwriting genius.

Phoebe Rose Smith:

Phoebe rose smith

At the tender age of just 15, Phoebe Rose Smith, a singer/songwriter from Lakenheath, Suffolk joined us at AWMTV to record this superb original track 'Lion Man'. The song was originally a poem written by her mum about her own Father -  Phoebe's Grandad. Phoebe decided to make it into a song and I'm sure you'll agree did an amazing job!

Kolin Durier:

kolin durier

The unbelievable Kolin Durier paid a visit to the AWMTV studios to record this track. Kolin is a singer/songwriter and loop station specialist based in Norwich, Norfolk. Just check out these looping skills.....

Shannon Elsden:

shannon elsden

 At just 16 years old, Shannon Elsden was the next talented youngster to grace the AWMTV studios. Following this, Shannon went on to support Alton at his 'Time' EP launch. Shannon has now released her own single 'If This Isn't Love' which available to download on all major music platforms!

Chris Pidgeon:

Chris pidgeon

An AWMTV favourite, Norwich based singer-songwriter Chris Pidgeon was next to grace the AWMTV stage. As well as being a true gentleman, Chris' raw songwriting ability warms audiences wherever he plays. Chris has just finished his third EP, all are available on major music platforms now! Check them out!

Ian Jeffs:

Ian jeffs

Suffolk based singer-songwriter Ian Jeffs was the first artist to grace the AWMTV Suffolk Studios based at the site of Homegrown Music Festival. Ians track 'Last Days at The Farm' written about his childhood memories is a fine example of his raw songwriting talent.

Ben Wheatley:

ben wheatley

Young Ben Wheatley, a singer-songwriter from Thetford Norfolk is all ready to set the world on fire. At such a young age,his songwriting ability has a maturity way beyond his years. Remember the name......

Tom Lumley:

tom lumley

What an absolute pleasure it was to have Cambridge based singer/songwriter Tom Lumley on AWMTV. Tom took time out from his manic schedule that sees him gigging around the whole country with his band to record this solo performance for us. Be sure to check out his music on all major music platforms! 

Millie Kirkpatrick:

millie kirkpatrick

Another unbelievable young talent, Millie Kirkpatrick joined us to perform this fantastic version of the track 'Deportee'. Following this performance Millie has worked with Alton several times, recording collaborations and playing at live shows and is a firm favourite with AWMTV viewers.

Phoebe Austin:

Phoebe austin

What can we say about Sudbury sensation Phoebe Austin? Since her performance on AWMTV Phoebe has gone on to sign for a major music label, recording a debut EP and featuring on national TV. At such a young age she has a phenomenal career ahead of her - be sure to follow her and be a part of it!

Kit Kane:

kit Kane

After winning a competition at 'Gringos', Norwich based singer/songwriter Kit Kane was next to grace the AWMTV studios. What an unbelievable voice this guy has! His songwriting ability is second to none, it was an absolute pleasure to have him on AWMTV.

Christian Smith:

christian smith

Next up was the turn of Cambridge based singer/songwriter Christian Smith to grace the AWMTV stage. Christian's unique punchy style has seen him go on to join Alton in signing for GingerDog Records. With an album due for release in summer 2019, big things are coming for Christian!

Vincent Knight:

Vincent knight

Another incredible young talent - Vincent Knight went full electric for his performance at AWMTV. Following this he has also gone on to sign for GingerDog records and his debut album 'Going Rogue' is available now from all major music platforms.

Allie Tooke:

allie tooke

Singer/songwriter and full time mum of 2, the unbelievably talented Allie Tooke took time out to come and play for us at AWMTV. As well as this, Allie has gone on to perform at live shows with Alton and is another firm favourite with AWMTV viewers!

Noah Evans:

noah evans

Noah Evans, a young singer songwriter from Ipswich Suffolk, blew AWMTV viewers away with this performance. His debut EP 'See it Through' is available to download from all major music platforms. At such a young age the future is looking extremely bright for this young man!

Gabby Rivers:

gabby rivers

Gabby Rivers - 'The girl with the red guitar' was next to perform for AWMTV. Viewers quickly warmed to her raw honest songwriting style. Since her performance here she has gone on to play at some of the biggest and best venues and festivals around East Anglia. Now with a full band behind her you'll be hearing lots more from Gabby for sure!



At just TWELVE years old, Ipswich singer 'Roma' is the youngest performer to grace the AWMTV stage. Roma continues to set the world alight with her crazy gigging schedule, performing across the whole of East Anglia and raisng money for charity everywhere she goes. Her debut album 'Teen Spirit' is available to download now from all major music platforms.

Joe Keeley:

Joe keeley

With his unique country style, Joe Keeley brought something fresh and new to AWMTV. Just check out this cultured performance from one of the brightest up-and-coming country music starts from East Anglia! 

Nikki Cook:

Nikki cook

Next up from AWMTV was a visit from Nikki Cook. After her performance at AWMTV, Suffolk based artist Nikki has gone on to sign for Melody Management and continues to stun audiences wherever she plays.

Ben Pegley:

ben pegley

A real treat for us at AWMTV... Sudbury based guitarist Ben Pegley wowed viewers with this performance. No words needed here, just listen, close your eyes and enjoy this......

Gen Irving:

gen irving

Young Gen Iriving, a suffolk based singer/songwriter and music producer was next up on AWMTV. Since recording this track Gen went on to win the audience vote award for 'Best Original Track' at the AWM Showcase Night.  Another fantastic artist with a huge future ahead.

Emma Doenges:

Emma doenges

After meeting Alton at a live gig, Emma Doenges was the first artist to grace the brand new AWMTV studios... and what a way to kick things off! Such raw talent from this young musician with a big future ahead!

Flo Davis:

flo davis

The incredible 15 year old Flo Davis was next up at the new AWMTV studios. Flo was another one of those artist who just simply blew viewers away with such a cultured performance from someone so young. Truly another artist to keep an eye out for!

Jasmine Canham:

jasmine canham

Next was the turn of Jasmine Canham to grace the new AWMTV studios. Her songwriting ability absolutely memorised viewers and quickly racked up thousands of views on Facebook! Jasmine went on to feature with Alton at live events and continues to stun audiences wherever she plays.