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Alton Wahlberg - Under The Lights

The first single released from the up-coming album 'Photographs and Memories' 

Rise - The BRAND NEW Ep! 

alton wahlberg bearded busker ep

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The Brand new 5 Track EP! This totally self recorded, self produced EP is the culmination of months of work during the Corona Virus  lockdown period. With all tracks recorded,  mixed and mastered by Alton himself at home in the AWM Studios, this selection of songs marks a breakthrough  era of development for Alton. With the bonus track 'On The Mend' featuring special guest Lou Spencer, this is a must-have collection of new songs for any Wahlberg follower!

1. Summer Rain
2. Rise
3. Grandad
4. Walk Away
5. On The Mend - feat. Lou Spencer

Photographs & Memories - The Album

alton wahlberg bearded busker ep

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'Photographs and Memories' - The highly anticipated debut full length album recorded under the GingerDog Records Label. This album is a culmination of more than 10 years of work. This truly is Alton at his very best, a collection of the rawest of songs taking listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. From the hit single 'The Muteham Brothers' - a true story of 4 brothers going to war with only one making it home, to the heart warming track 'One Way' - a story of never giving in and always staying positive.

1. Under the Lights
2. Ballerina Baby
3. Rain in Manchester
4. One Way
5. Acer
6. The Muteham Brothers
7. That Day
8. Evermore
9. My Time
10. The Last Song

Under the Lights - The Single

alton wahlberg streets to stages ep

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‘Under the Lights'
The very first single to be released from the highly anticipated album 'Photographs and Memories'

1. Under The Lights

Bearded Busker EP:

alton wahlberg bearded busker ep

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The Bearded Busker EP is Altons first ever release. It’s an insight to the start of his musical journey and features the track ‘Sing a Little Louder’, a song that he confesses kept him focused during the lowest times of his early music career when being heard and taken serious seemed like an impossible dream.

1. Here I Go Again
2. Sing a Little Louder
3. The Fan
4. No Fire
5. Learn to Fight

Streets to Stages EP:

alton wahlberg streets to stages ep

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‘Streets to Stages’ is the follow up EP to Alton’s debut release. It marks the transition of going from busking on streets to performing nationally on stages at venues around the country. It features one of his most popular songs - ‘Questions’, an insight into the crazy world of Fatherhood where he is relentlessly bombarded by his two children as they seek to find the answers to the most intriguing questions about life and growing up. It also features the track ‘24 Years’, an ode to an 84 year old marathon runner who has ran a marathon every year since his wife tragically died from cancer.

1. Walk on By
2. 24 Years
3. Jailhouse Confessions
4. Questions
5. Love You From Afar (featuring Dale Bennett and The Incidentals)

1723 EP:

alton wahlberg 1723 ep

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‘1723’ was a monumental accomplishment for Alton. Not only was it his first ever completely self recorded and self produced EP, it also went straight to number 1 in the UK Singer Songwriter charts on the day of its release. It features the track ‘Criminal’, a true story of a prison inmate who lost everything after committing crime to try and save his family from poverty. It also features the track ‘The Writers Curse’, a true and brutally honest insight into the mind of singer/songwriter.

1. Too Many Times
2. Wedding Song
3. Criminal
4. This I know
5. The Writers Curse

Time EP:

alton wahlberg time ep

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By his own admission, ‘Time’ is by far the darkest and most emotionally charged of all of Alton’s EPs. It marks his second stint in the top 10 UK releases having reached number 5 in the UK Singer Songwriter charts. ‘Time’ is an honest collection of songs dealing with tough subjects of heartache and loss but portraying them in a way and a light that only Alton can. It features the track ‘Baileys Song’ a dedication to a young girl who tragically lost her mother in a car accident as a result of being hit by a drunk driver.

1. You and I
2. It’s not me
3. Pray
4. One More Day
5. Baileys Song

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