AWM Artist Development

With 15 years’ experience as an industry professional and multiple top 10 iTunes releases, including a UK number 1 in the Singer/Songwriter charts, Alton offers 1 to 1 mentorship as part of the AWM Artist Development Program

Whether you are a brand-new up-and-coming musician currently gigging on the open mic circuit, or an established artist looking to improve your online presence and discoverability – there is a tailored package to suit everyone.

Alongside the features on offer for each package, Alton will be on hand to offer 1 to 1 support and advice throughout the duration of the whole package. Think of it as having your own Personal Trainer for your music career on hand 24/7.

To book an Artist Development package, please use the 'Contact' tab above.



 Initial 1-hour face to face consultation

Either online or in person at a time and place convenient for you, Alton will meet you to discuss your current online marketing and promotional strategy and establish practical ways to improve your audience reach, build your following, connect with your fanbase and ultimately sell more music, pick up more gigs and increase your overall income.
Following your consultation, you will receive a personalised, detailed, easy to follow recommendation plan to help you define your Social Media strategy, plan your future content and start maximising the opportunities to reach wider audiences. *

Social Media Creation/Optimisation

It’s no secret, whether you like it or not – As a musician, if you’re not on social media – you don’t exist. Whether you are a newbie to Social media, or already have laid the foundations of building a dedicated following, using critical analysis, Alton will create a detailed guide to help you maximise your social media presence and stand out from the competition without falling prey to hazardous algorithms that wreak havoc on so many musicians. With guidance on everything from theming your pages to using keyword strategies in your content, you’ll soon see your overall reach increase and your audience start to build.
If you are yet to delve into the world of Social media marketing fear not! Although it can be a minefield, Alton will offer personalised step by step support and guidance in creating your own Facebook Artist Page, Instagram Profile and YouTube channel ensuring your profile fits into the correct categories so you can be easily found and your music easily heard.

Monthly Progress Reports

As with most things in music, there is no generic ‘one size fits all’ strategy when it comes to marketing and promotion online. Therefore, after your initial consultation, Alton will schedule further 1 to 1 meetings at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months to monitor and assess the success of your new online strategy. At each stage you will analyse together the things that are and aren’t working and adapt your plan to ensure you get the full benefit from the time invested in your online campaign.

Full page Artist Feature on AWM Website

To help aid with your promotion, you’ll become a ‘Featured Artist’ on Alton’s own Website. The page will include your artist bio, examples of your music and your booking information so that any potential bookers visiting can easily learn about you, listen to you and even book you directly from the page.

PRICE: £250

6 Month Program

(Equivalent to £42/month)



In addition to all the features offered in the BRONZE package, you will also receive

Artist/Band Logo Design

Your logo forms a huge part of your brand identity. A good memorable logo differentiates you from the crowd and fosters brand loyalty. We work directly with local digital media companies to make sure you get the best looking, eye catching, high quality logos that you can easily use to theme your website, make your social media channels easily identifiable and even use when creating album/EP artwork and merchandise. You get full input throughout the process to ensure your new logo works for you and draws the attention you deserve.

Photo Shoot

Your photos represent your brand. Low quality, unprofessional photos on your website and social media communicate the same about you. Your photos are hugely important when it comes to making a good first impression. Not only is important for your online presence, (remember – ‘content is king’ and photos are content!), but also most venues and festivals will expect you to supply them with high quality pictures to use for their own promotional material. As part of this package, Alton will guide you through the process, discuss and arrange potential suitable settings/venues and meet you at your decided location for a 1-hour photo shoot. All pictures will be professionally edited and sent to you digitally to use as you please for your promotional campaign. *

Promotional Video of Live Performance recorded and edited

As a music promoter working with multiple local Music Festivals, Alton admits the first thing he looks for when booking an act is a video of a live performance - after all, anyone can sound good in a studio right? It’s the live recordings that set you apart. With more than 10 years’ experience of recording and editing live acoustic performance videos, Alton can meet you at a location of your choice, to film and direct an acoustic performance of one of your songs. Alternatively, you are welcome to use his own home studio – featuring an authentic, rustic barn backdrop. He then takes the video and audio footage away and professionally edits it together to ensure you have an engaging, top quality video to use for promotion that is the best possible representation of your act.*

PRICE £400 

6 Month Program

Equivalent to £67/month



In addition to all the features offered in the BRONZE and SILVER packages, you will also receive

Second Promotional Video of Live Performance recorded and edited

As a follow up to your first promotional video as explained in the silver package, you will receive a second professionally recorded and edited video for promotional use. This can be at the same or a completely different location – the choice is yours!*

Personal Website Creation

Without doubt one of the most powerful methods of music marketing is having a central hub to direct your followers to. This is the by far the most common area where most musicians are failing - they either don’t have one, or if they do - it's not being found! 

 Sure, it’s great to build your Instagram following and your YouTube subscribers, but what’s the point if you have nowhere to send them to buy your products, book your act, download your music, find your gig list etc? What happens if a platform disappears overnight just like Myspace, Vine or Periscope just to name a few!
Unfortunately, simply creating a free Wix website is not enough - you just won’t get the traffic, you won’t be found by common generic Google searches and quite honestly and brutally – it screams unprofessionalism.

We work together with reputable digital media companies to ensure not only is your website fully responsive (works perfectly on all devices including phones, tablets and laptops), but also that basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included. How do we know this works? Simple – we tested it! When Alton launched his website, he had a simple brief - to be the top result when anyone searches ‘Suffolk Singer Songwriter’. Bearing in mind there’s a pretty famous ginger-haired, world-renowned singer-songwriter already from Suffolk, you’d think this an impossible task… but go ahead and type it in and see what comes up!

Additionally, your website will be designed so you can update it whenever you feel necessary with Alton’s support and a handy video guide. You’ll also be able to monitor your traffic using Google analytics to ensure you are getting the most from your new website.

PRICE: £990

6 Month Program

(Equivalent to £165/month)


PACKAGE 4 - Platinum Package

In addition to all the features offered in the BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD packages, you will also receive:

A third Promotional Video of Live Performance recorded and Edited

In addition to the 2 live video’s you would receive in the gold package, you will get a third live video professional recorded and edited.*

Full Social Media Management for 12 months

Of course as part of this package you will have already received a detailed guide to help you maximise your social media presence which includes a brand new strategy to promote yourself on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – but what if you just don’t have the time to continually update these platforms, add new content, engage with fans etc etc….

Don’t worry, Alton has you covered! For a 12 month period Alton will act as an administrator and manage your accounts for you, doing the bulk of the work creating engaging content on a regular basis, leaving you free to work on the more important things – like the music! Of course you’ll still be free to have as much or as little input as you choose, but you can rest easy knowing your social media presence is in the hands of a designated professional with a proven track record of getting results!

Please note: Due to the demand and nature of time and work that goes into this package, availability may be limited. 

PRICE: £2250 

12 Month Program

(Equivalent to £187/month)



* Alton’s services are available nationally, however for consultations, photoshoots and video recordings it may be necessary to add travel expenses. Where applicable these will be kept to an absolute minimum. Additional milage above 50 miles from Alton's base in Norfolk will be charged at 45p/mile.